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Honduras is Now More Competitive

Honduras is Now More Competitive

Honduras has increased five points of its competitiveness index according to the Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum.

“The report states that in America, only Honduras (86) reached the rate of 3.98%, climbing five places its competitiveness compared to the period of 2010-2011”, mentioned the source.

Honduras reached a competitiveness index of 3.98, from a maximum of 7 and improved 5 positions in this new ranking.

In the previous year, the performance of its institutions, the macroeconomic environment, and quality of education affected the competitiveness of Honduras, despite the desire of the Government to improve the ability to attract foreign investment and diversify the export supply. However, this year, “the report demonstrates the recovery of confidence and coverage of education”.


The highest decreases in the region were experienced in some Central American countries – for example Costa Rica dropped five points from 56 to 61; from 78 to 84 Guatemala; El Salvador from 82 to 91; while Nicaragua moved from 112 to 114 and Belize, which is participating for the first time in this report, was ranked 123.

The Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012, the world’s most comprehensive and respected assessment of countries’ competitiveness, produced in collaboration with leading academics and a global network of research institutes, the Report provides users with a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and weaknesses related to national competitiveness using the Global Competitiveness Index as the main methodology carried out by the World Economic Forum in 142 economies.

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