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IBM Wins Five-Year Deal with Mexico's Grupo Gigante

MEXICO CITY, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — IBM ( IBM) and Grupo Gigante, one of Mexico’s leading business groups, announced they have extended their business contract for five additional years through a series of outsourcing agreements. For Grupo Gigante’s corporate headquarters and its subsidiaries, Gigante Grupo Inmobiliario, The Home Store and Tiendas Super Precio, IBM will be responsible for fully managing and monitoring the information technology (IT) infrastructure under two managed service modes, applications and infrastructure.
IBM’s full outsourcing solution for Grupo Gigante includes infrastructure services components for equipment and server hosting, help desk activation, distributed computing services, on-site support services, data center security and disaster recovery planning.
Based on a set of specialized tools, IBM will carry out the preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance services of the Group’s key business processes, including its Customer/Supplier Portal and its central Enterprise Resources Planning system, with support for all financial, administrative, commercial, logistic, operating and HR processes, as well as in-store support. Support will be based on high service levels that will enable the client to increase its responsiveness to incidents and application requirements.
Grupo Gigante will strategically retain a team of experts to manage the main IT applications and practices that support the business, looking for balance in maintaining operations and a strong innovation and process improvement practice through new technology and trend analysis in the sectors where the Group operates. This planning will enable the Group to keep in-house the value of the key human capital it has developed over time while taking advantage of operating efficiencies to focus on strategic activities.
Data center, help desk, on-site support and disaster recovery services will be provided for Toks Restaurants. Office Depot has extended the contract to deliver on-site support to stores and application development services.
“Services offered to Grupo Gigante will be based on the premise of delivering client value through smarter technologies, competitive technical solutions and more efficient work processes enabling improved enterprise resource planning,” said Miguel Angel Ambrosi, Distribution Sector Executive, IBM Mexico. “Dynamic and efficient infrastructure solutions will offer the Group security, flexibility, adaptability and cost reduction benefits that will be reflected on its operations. Performance management will be integrated with the ability to adjust the Group’s processes and infrastructure in order to capture new opportunities for growth.”
“Relying on the support of a solutions and research center like that offered by IBM at its Guadalajara IT Campus provides us with the opportunity to test new solutions that facilitate strategic business decision-making and bring more efficiency to our day-to-day operations. It is important for the Group to know that its IT infrastructure is in the hands of trusted experts. IBM has earned our trust over years of shared work,” said Adrian Valencia, CIO, Grupo Gigante.
About Gigante:
Grupo Gigante S.A.B. de C.V. is a holding company listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange. Through its subsidiaries, it has operated for 47 years leading self-service companies, coffee stores and specialized stores.
Subsidiaries include Gigante Grupo Inmobiliario, a group of companies in the real estate operation and development business; Restaurantes Toks, S.A. de C.V., a chain of family coffee-stores and restaurants; The Home Store, specializing in home fashions, and the hard-discount network Tiendas Super Precio.
As part of a co-investment project with its US partners, Grupo Gigante keeps a 50% stake in Office Depot de Mexico S.A. de C.V., the Mexican leading office and supplies retail chain.
Taking pride in its social responsibility and commitment, Grupo Gigante supports the community where it operates with a series of programs focusing on education, health, nutrition and natural disasters. The Group conducts its CSR efforts through the Gigante Foundation, with the dedicated contribution of its employees, subsidiaries, founders and main shareholders.

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