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Infographic: Agile Only Works When Clients are Engaged

In recent years, executives across the Nearshore region have turned to agile methodologies to improve their business outcomes, and that trend has accelerated even further during the era of Covid-19. 

But with so many companies relying on this approach, it’s important to be aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of agile transformation. Of course, no matter what software methodology is used to underpin a project, if one or both parties are not fully engaged or are contributing inadequate time and attention, the chance for misalignment grows exponentially.

As part of our service to our readers, we are republishing this handy infographic summarizing the key issues to be thinking about before making the move into agile.

Infographic: The Pros & Cons of Utilizing an Agile Methodology

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Stephen Woodman

Stephen Woodman is an independent journalist based in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. He has six years’ experience covering business and culture in Latin America. Stephen has been published in numerous international media outlets, including The Financial Times, BBC News and Reuters. To share story ideas, drop him a note here

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