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Infosys Continues to Make LATAM a High Priority

In a span of two years, Infosys said it had established multiple services in Mexico including IT, BPO and consulting services and core banking solutions for global clients and those across Latin America.
The company’s China Development Centre had grown in the last one year to deliver BPO and IT services to clients in the US, Europe and Asia, COO, S D Shibulal said.
The company had hired 1000 persons in China and would continue to hire people, he said.
Infosys said that it was expanding to deliver capability in horizontal services such as enterprise solutions, independent investing in contextualising Finnacle banking solution for the Chinese market. It was closely working with the government to tap and subsequently nurture the IT talent pool in China.
“We are setting up our first development centre in Brazil”, he said, adding this is the second Latin American operation aimed at serving clients, which are headquartered in Brazil or outside.Through Brazil, the company could manage Portuguese needs of the Latam region.
In India, the company said it continued to impetus of the previous quarters. “In emerging markets elsewhere, we continue to maintain our momentum”, he said.
In second quarter of FY10, North American market grew by 4.9 per cent sequentially while Europe declined by 3.4 per cent sequentially. Rest of the world grew by 1.8 per cent

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