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Infosys Exodus Continues as Andrade Joins Capgemini

Humberto Andrade became the latest high-profile departure from Infosys BPO this week as he left his position as head of Latin American operations to become vice president and engagement executive at rival firm Capgemini.

Andrade had joined Infosys in September 2005 and in April 2008 became head of sales and client services in Latin America, before becoming head of BPO in the region in January 2012. He now joins Capgemini, a Paris-based multinational with over 125,000 employees in 48 countries, which offers integrated services in four main sectors: consultancy, technology, outsourcing and local professional services.

Andrade was instrumental in the selection and opening of Infosys’s Costa Rica operation last year, a significant move for a firm that has tended to be far more conservative in Latin America compared to other providers headquartered in India.

Andrade is the latest in a string of executives to have left Infosys in the last 12 months. Only last week, Ashok Vemuri, a board member and interim head of global sales and Infosys’ North America operations, also resigned from the company. (See our interview with Vemuri here.)  His departure came less than a week after that of Sudhir Chaturvedi, Infosys’ vice-president and financial services head for the Americas, who joined NIIT Technologies as its chief operating officer.

Infosy’s global sales chief Basab Pradhan also left in July, along with Leo Puri, independent director on the company board. the Bangalore-based IT services giant’s chief executive Swami Swaminathan also retired earlier this year, while Ritesh Idnani, senior vice-president and chief operating officer, resigned from the company last year.

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To replace Andrade, Aniket Maindarkar, who also left Infosys in June 2012 to join Cognizant Technology Solutions, has now rejoined the company as head of operations in the Americas.

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