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Infosys Invests in Danish Startup Unsilo to Capitalize on AI

Indian outsourcing giant Infosys says it invested approximately $2 million in Unsilo, a Danish technology startup that analyzes unstructured scientific and technical text using artificial intelligence.
This is Infosys’ 11th investment in startups after it set up an ‘innovation fund’ more than a year ago, aiming to source cutting-edge technology solutions that it lacks in.
Unsilo uses a combination of machine-learning and artificial intelligence to analyze large quantities of text, helping to identify the most descriptive concepts and phrases within the document.
“Making sense of any large amount of unstructured text is a huge challenge for many industries,” said Unsilo CEO Thomas Laursen, explaining the vital role his company plays in the knowledge industry. The startup has also built its own search engine.
Not only does it analyze documents it also provides more valuable reading suggestions, according to Jan-Erik de Boer, CEO of Springer Nature, a publisher of scientific papers, and a long time client of Unsilo.
Infosys says it invested in the startup, hoping to take its artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to its global clients.
“Unsilo have built an impressive semantic search engine with best-in-class text intelligence, which powers a range of advanced business processes. They join our expanding portfolio of innovative young companies ….. to help enterprises drive their digital transformation,” said Ritika Suri, senior of executive of Infosys.
Struggling to compete in a market hungry for disruptive technology, Infosys has gone on purchasing or investing in companies with innovative technology solutions. Over the past two years, the Bangalore-based IT services giant has acquired nearly a dozen young technology firms in different parts of the world.
As recently as last week, it invested an undisclosed sum of money in US-based big data startup TidalScale. Among its acquisitions are e-commerce services provider Kallidus, Israeli automation technology firm Panaya and American IT firm Noah Consulting.

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