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Introducing BPO Outcomes: Delivering an Edge to the Deal-Making Dialogue

Our latest online brand – BPO Outcomes – is up and running and starting to expose some of the more spicier topics underneath the covers of  the BPO sector. Chief Editor Dan Berthiaume is setting out, in his scrappy Boston-bred style, to challenge conventional thought and get to bottom – time and again – of what really matters and that of course would be real results and profitable outcomes from your BPO deals. “A lot of publications claim to offer “expert opinions,” but BPO Outcomes has genuinely put together a roster of highly experienced and proven experts,” says Berthiaume.

With a particular focus on outsourcing in the finance & accounting, supply chain, procurement, and social media/customer interaction areas of the business, BPO Outcomes will offer coverage both broad and deep on everything a BPO decision-maker needs to know about how to obtain the best possible results from outsourcing efforts.

Whether you are looking for information on how to select a provider, decide whether to outsource a particular business function, properly benchmark and track BPO success, design and execute a contract, share outsourced services, measure results of outsourcing hard-to-quantify activities such as social media, or perform virtually any other BPO-related task, BPO Outcomes can offer you advice and commentary from the most qualified sources available.

Recent posts in BPO Outcomes include:

Sourcing F&A: Is It a Good Strategy for Us? And How Do We Do It Right?

Social Media Outsourcing: The Frontier of BPO

Advanced Tools Can Help Tame ‘Big Data’

How to Optimize Cash Collections and Increase Cost Reductions

The launch of BPO Outcomes is also an important milestone for Next Coast Media, publisher of Nearshore Americas, Sourcing Brazil and Global Delivery Report. BPO Outcomes is the first online brand within the Next Coast Media online stable that is not tied to the Americas – giving the brand opportunities to engage in worldwide trends and market shifts. Anchor sponsor and partner for BPO Outcomes is Paris-based, Capgemini.

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Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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