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Jamaica Leads Caribbean in Renewable Energy

Jamaica is leading the development of renewable energy among it Caribbean neighbors, said David Delarie, the managing director of MPC Capital, according to The Gleaner.

There is already 170 megawatts of installed generating capacity and rapidly developing solar plants in the country.

The expansion is thanks to Jamaica’s appealing market conditions, robust regulatory framework, the Government’s support and a utility company able to work with private power producers.

Delaire said that the MPC’s Paradise Park solar plant being constructed in Westmoreland is generating around 8.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.

He added: “We also have a 20-year agreement with the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) to purchase the power we produce.”

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Zach Marzouk

Zach has worked in the UK as a B2B technology journalist and is currently a News Editor at Nearshore Americas. He is based in Buenos Aires - feel free to contact him if you have any story ideas or want to chat about the industry.

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