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Jamaican Court Orders ADS Global to Pay Up US$4.2 Million For Breaching Contract

The Supreme Court of Jamaica has ordered American BPO firm ADS Global to pay US$4.2 million to local airliner Fly Jamaica for breaching an outsourcing service contract.

The verdict comes almost four years after ADS shuttered Fly Jamaica’s call center for delaying the payment of US$50,000 in contractual fees.

Lawyers representing the airliner argued that ADS violated the outsourcing agreement by abruptly stopping the customer service without a notice, according to Guyana Chronicle.

In addition to customer service, ADS Global was also handling the carrier’s telecom and internet accounts. Soon after the closer of the contact center, it urged telecom operators to disconnect the airline’s telephone lines and internet services.

The carrier argued in the court that ADS breached local law by disconnecting internet service and that it had not owed any money to any telecom operator.

Its lawyers also said that the closer of the call center damaged the airline’s reputation, leaving its passengers struggle to get updates on their journey.

“Fly Jamaica suffered a lot at the hands of this company that was supposed to have been acting in its best interest,” reported The Jamaica Gleaner, quoting the airline’s attorney Stacy Knight.

As per the contract, the court ruled that ADS should have served the airline with a 14-days’ notice before deciding to shut down the customer services unit.

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The court has also told the airliner to pay US$50,000 that it owed to the BPO provider.

Based in Philadelphia, ADS has been present in Jamaica’s Montego Bay since 2001, and is believed to have employed around 500 people in the Caribbean country.

Narayan Ammachchi

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