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KM2 Solutions Bulks up in Saint Lucia With Another Call Center

American contact center services provider KM2 Solutions has expanded operations in Saint Lucia with the launch of another delivery center in capital Castries.

The new office, about 10 kilometers from the original site, will provide an array of back-office services, including loan pre-funding, logistics support, direct marketing sales and support, and B2B sales.

With a floor space of 12,000 square feet, the new facility can accommodate around 400 agents, according to its statement. bringing the total capacity of both buildings on the island to nearly 800 agents.

Despite the fact that it is currently headquartered in the United States, KM2 Solutions originated from Saint Lucia, later expanding to the Dominican Republic, Barbados, and Grenada.

Castries is home to a population of over 75,000 people. The country boasts a 90% literacy rate and a highly productive, service-oriented workforce, with a strong cultural affinity to the United States.

“Since the first day that we opened our doors, our clients have been thrilled with the productivity and high quality talent there,” David Kreiss, KM2 President and CEO.

The call center provider is known for generating a new pool of talent in every country it operates. At Nearshore Nexus 2016,  David Kreiss received the prestigious Executive of the Year award in recognition of his training programs to develop outsourcing talent in the Caribbean country.

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