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Labor Day Statistics Reflect Public's Outsourcing Opinions

An annual Labor Day study by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), examining how the U.S. public’s attitude to work changes each year, has revealed new insight into the impact of outsourcing on the nation.
According to the report, titled The State of the American Worker 2016: Attitudes About Work in America,only 18% of survey respondents have a close friend or relative who lost a job because it was moved overseas, while the vast majority (81%) do not.
In 2015, only 9% said they were worried that their company would move jobs overseas, while the poll was split on whether the availability of good jobs for American workers was acceptable this year, or the best years were behind us.
Happy Labor Day everyone!

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Matt Kendall

During his 2+ years as Chief Editor at Nearshore Americas, Matt Kendall operated at the heart of both the Nearshore BPO and IT services industries, reporting on the most impactful stories and trends in the sector.

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