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Market Briefing: IT Wages in South America and the Real Cost of Talent

In order to bring clarity to the important topic of how much it costs to attract and retain software developers in Latin America, Nearshore Americas has published a brand new 19-page Market Briefing on IT wages in South America. The study provides detailed information on Latin America IT wages for front-end developers, back-end developers, UX/UI designers, system administrators and project managers in five markets: Lima, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. “We have been asked for years about the true cost of IT talent in South America, and we’re proud to say that this report is the most definitive to date on this crucial trend,” said Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director of Nearshore Americas.
Based on data recently collected from over 30 firms in these critical markets, the Nearshore Americas report breaks down wage trends by job category, experience level, and wage growth. The report also analyzes overall expenses involved in hiring and retaining IT talent, and forecasts wages through 2016.

  • In Buenos Aires and São Paulo, front-end developers earn on average $25,500 and $25,800, respectively, while wages for front-end developers in Lima, Bogotá, and Rio de Janeiro vary substantially.
  • Wages for select IT professions are higher in Bogotá than in other markets, but Bogotá remains an attractive market for employers in part because of lower added costs and a subdued inflation outlook.
  • Filling vacancies for developers and UX/UI designers is a challenge across several markets, especially in Buenos Aires. Vacancies for system administrator and project manager positions typically go unfilled for 10 weeks or longer.
  • Additional costs, in the form of bonuses and regulations, drive up the total cost of employing IT professionals by 44%-85%. Added costs are highest in Brazil.

Combined with IT Wages in Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, this Market Briefing by Nearshore Americas offers a complete look at Latin America IT wages and wage trends.
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