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Major League Baseball could be Eyeing Mexico City for Expansion Plans

Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred told Associated Press sports journalists that he wants to expand the league to include 32 teams, according to Sports Illustrated.
Over the years, Manfred has made no secret of his desire to include Mexico in the mix, highlighting the country’s potential to be included in the sport.
“We see Mexico as an opportunity internationally. We also think a team in Mexico and a larger number of Mexican players in the big leagues could really help us continue to grow the Hispanic market in the United States,” Manfred told Forbes last fall.
Other cities rumored to be contenders for the expansion are Montreal, Vancouver, Charlotte, Portland and Austin, with Las Vegas, Ohio, Nashville, Columbus, New Orleans, San Antonio and Monterrey also being brought up in similar discussions.
“Baseball’s a growth sport, a growth business, [and] sooner or later growth businesses expand,” said Manfred. “I do see expansion as a longer-term proposition.”

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