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Mexico Achieves Internet Coverage for 80% of its Residents

Mexico’s internet coverage has been increasing rapidly, with 80% of the country’s residents now having access as of March 2023.

Most internet users in Mexico access the web through mobile phone networks. Others use fixed broadband connections and public wi-fi, according to the survey by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI).

In spite of the advances in coverage, the Mexican government still struggles to bridge the country’s digital divide. Subsidies and free access in schools and hospitals have done little to solve the problem, which is more evident in rural areas, where internet coverage is spotty or null.

The digital divide between rural and urban areas is significant. Coverage in urban areas reaches 87% of households; for rural areas, the number reaches only 63%. The gap can be attributed to several factors, including a disparity in the availability of infrastructure and the costs of internet access.

In Mexico City, more than 85% of households have access to high-speed fiber optic connections. In the southern state of Chiapas, only 38% of households have access.

INEGI’s report points to a significant increase in web usage. Today, the average Mexican spends 4.5 hours a day browsing the internet. The vast majority use it as a means for communication (93.8%), social media (90.6%), entertainment (89.6%) and education (83.3%).

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Mexican authorities have been trying to increase internet coverage significantly since the early 2010s, following a reform meant to overhaul the country’s telecom industry. The federal government partnered with private companies to bridge the digital gap, achieving moderate success.

Current Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) shifted the focus of that policy, favoring government involvement over private investment. In August 2022, AMLO said his administration would invest US$1,500 to “solve the Internet issue”.

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