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Mexico IT Relaunches Through Nearshore Americas Partnership

Mexico IT had just taken a major step forward. For years, the leading advocacy agency for Mexico’s expanding IT innovation sector worked tirelessly to facilitate more business and collaboration between the country’s network of service companies and those seeking world-class services.
And now it is taking things to the next level with a re-launched website that will allow the world an inside look at all the amazing work going on from Mexico City and Guadalajara to Monterrey and the Yucatan.
As part of a special collaboration between Mexico IT and Nearshore Americas, the newly designed website has a variety of components to enable visitors to get a real grasp of the market, partners, and innovations. For example, the news section will offer inside looks at the work of industry leaders like NEORIS and iTexico.
In our first interview, Juan Carlos Lopez, president of operations in Mexico for NEORIS, told us the “best is still to come” for the company’s “great future in Mexico.” It is sentiments like this, and iTexico Founder Guillermo Ortega’s view that more and more companies want to set up operations in Guadalajara, that have pushed Mexico to the top of A.T. Kearney’s IT service providers rankings.
To kick off the re-launch, Mexico IT has also broken down why the country has more than just a location advantage to offer, especially due all its computer science grads and ongoing infrastructure development for traveling executives.
Ultimately, Mexico IT’s core mission is to get the word out about everything the country can provide while attracting more business. To achieve this, the agency will now be bringing readers a wealth of industry information and hoping to start a dialogue on social media about why foreign companies should be collaborating with service providers in Mexico.
Along with its partners, Mexico IT hopes you enjoy everything to come with our re-launch.
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