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Mexico’s Creation of a Third Way to Engage in Global Outsourcing

Case studies point toward a new, more collaborative services model. A lot many global IT companies are settling down in Mexico, making the most of the country’s improved labor conditions and IT infrastructure, Finds this latest White Paper from Nearshore Americas. This carries case studies on three emerging firms – Dextra Technologies, Praxis and Vangtel – and helps you figure out how a unique ‘collaborative service model’ is helping the country leapfrog its way up the ladder of the global outsourcing industry.

  • Vangtel offers its own facilities for clients to occupy and provides staff to perform back-office functions.
  • With most of its business coming from the U.S., Dextra has been posting an impressive 20% CAG growth rate over the last four years.
  • Praxis, an example of rapid internalization of corporate companies in Mexico.

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