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Mexico’s Yogome Collaborates with Yale to Explore Educational Gaming

Mexico City-based mobile game producer Yogome has teamed up with Yale University to sharpen its skills in developing games that will educate children rather than just entertaining them.

The two-year contract will allow Yogome game makers to work alongside technology experts at the p2P Lab, a video game and mobile game research center at Yale University.

The lab, which brings together researchers, educators and game developers, tests and certifies games after determining if they can cultivate innovative ideas in the minds of children.

This collaboration aims to design games that teach important subjects including math, science, programming and sustainability. Both children and parents will later test games, while researchers measure their educational efficacy.

“Not only do we want to measure their learning impact, we also want to explore if children’s attitudes towards learning are positively affected when combined with appropriate engaging content,” said Dr. Lynn Fiellin, founder and director of the p2P Lab.

Manolo Diaz, Yogome’s co-founder and CEO, stated that he sought out Yale University because researchers there employ scientific methods to measure the games’ effects on players.

“Many game developers claim to be educational, we will have the scientific resources to validate the impact of playing our games, which we believe is what parents want to see,” Diaz said.

Yogome’s mobile games are popular around the world, with some of its game being downloaded over 10 million times.

Over the course of the next two years, Yogome’s math and science games will undergo a controlled trial – the kind of rigorous study that pharmaceutical companies undertake to evaluate the effectiveness of novel prescription drugs.

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Yogome has developed 20 learning games aimed at elementary school-age children and their parents. Among them is Math Heroes 2, an adventure game involving multiplication, and Heroes of Knowledge, a compilation of educational mini games.

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