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Microsoft Unveils its Largest LatAm Office in Costa Rica

American computing giant Microsoft has established its largest LatAm office in the Costa Rican city of San Jose in response to a steep increase in the number of its local employees in the past few years.

The new office was inaugurated this month to mark the company’s 28 years of operation in the Central American country.

The Silicon Valley giant has stated that its workforce in Costa Rica had increased from a mere 60 to 1,500 in the past four years.

“Our facilities at Torre Universal provide the ideal environment to shape the future of technology and to work with our clients and business partners toward digital transformation in Costa Rica and the Americas,” says Daniel Verswyvel, the General Manager of Microsoft Central America.

Verswyvel added that the new office was designed to offer a flexible and inclusive work environment and encourage collaboration and creativity.

The Costa Rican unit will focus on sales and customer service for the company’s operations throughout the region, according to Microsoft’s Country Manager Ineke Geesink.

In addition, Microsoft is also hiring a digital engineering team in the country with the hope of engaging them in its product design and solutions services. The computing giant did not clarify how many engineers are already working for it, but said around 150 engineers would be hired over the next few months.

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The global ICT industry grew an astonishing 22% in value in 2021, stated the country’s investment promotion agency, CINDE, citing a study by a UN agency. “Costa Rica has proven to be the ally for companies that lead this global change,” CINDE added.

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