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Minsait and NDS Team Up to Provide Nearshore Tech Services to US Clients

Minsait and NDS Team Announce Partnership to Support Nearshore Expansion

A Nearshore team-up is on the way. Digital transformation firms Minsait (a division of Indra, based in Europe) and NDS Cognitive Labs announced a collaboration which aims at providing tech implementation and transformation services from Mexico to clients in the Americas, with a particular interest in the United States.

Both companies will use technologies such as MongoDB, Snowflake, Data Robot and Appian to leverage data mining and processing to generate AI and machine learning components. They’ll also implement applications based in low code to automate business processes such as customer service, call centers and payment processing.

Demand for digital transformation services exploded after the COVID-19 pandemic. Pushed by lockdowns and the digitalization of everyday activities, such as shopping and working, companies of all sorts and sizes embarked on a journey of transformation of their business processes and, in some cases, of their business model as a whole.

Nearshore providers of tech services have made the best out of this growing trend, successfully banking on the skyrocketing demand for highly specialized knowledge of technologies such as AI/machine learning and data mining/processing.

“The transformation of processes that will be carried out in collaboration with NDS Cognitive Labs includes the possibility for clients to benefit from activities such as end-to-end automation of processes or the generation of artificial intelligence tools that completely change the paradigms of user service,” stated Rodrigo Mendoza, Head of Digital Operations America at Minsait in Mexico, in a press release.

“By providing cutting-edge, high-demand, cloud-based technologies, such as AI focused on customer service and e-commerce, we will address the explosive demand for digital services that has increased due to the pandemic,” added Gustavo Parés, CEO of NDS Cognitive Labs.

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Through this alliance, Minsait –which is under the umbrella of Spanish group Indra Sistemas– expects to “strengthen its position in the American region in order to serve multiple markets and clients with multidisciplinary projects”. According to Parés, NDS’s knowledge of the US market will enhance their prospects for growth in the region. 

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