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MIT’s List of Most Innovative Entrepreneurs of Latin America

Holacode founder Marcela Torres and Argentina’s mobile app maker Facundo Carrillo are among the 35 Latin American entrepreneurs shortlisted by MIT Technology Review for its 2019 award given to the most innovative young people transforming the region by their innovative activities.

Mexico City-based Holacode teaches software development skills to US returnees, and Facundo Carrillo’s Sigmind develops a mobile application that allows psychiatrists to perform preliminary mental laboratory analysis.

The list includes entrepreneurs from 11 countries in the region, with most of them serving industries such as biotechnology, medicine, sustainability, artificial intelligence, software, and hardware.

Also on the list is Argentina’s Demian Brener, whose company OpenZeppelin offers a platform for professionals to develop blockchain-based applications.

The first and the only Bolivian to find his name on the list is Stanley Alexander Salvatierra Berrios, the founder of Deep Micro Systems that develops an AI-based system for intelligently routing vehicular traffic.

Chile’s René Espinoza has been selected under the “humanitarian category” for his company Lazarillo, whose mobile app helps blinds to identify a place and its condition.

Joshua M. Salazar, who has long been distributing low-cost computers for plugging the digital gap in rural Ecuador, is also among the finalists.

Colombia’s Leonel Enrique Aguilar Melgar has been selected under the “inventor” category for the company ETH Zurich, which advises people on how to survive a natural disaster.

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Lucia Gallardo represents Honduras and his company Emerge builds social impact solutions uncovering the movement of data.

The winners will be awarded at a ceremony in Mexico City on January 30, according to The Bogota Post, which is a media partner for “Innovators Under 35 LATAM”.

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