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5 Ways to Protect Your Data When Working with a Global Outsourcer: Webinar July 16th REGISTER HERE 

Nearly 90% of all global organizations transitioned to a work-from-home model following COVID-19 restrictions this year. That number extended to companies working with outsourcers – who themselves transitioned their frontline to viable remote work models. As companies settle into the realities of working from home, ensuring their partners are enstating a secure work environment for employees handling sensitive client data is paramount. What are outsourcing companies across geographies doing to safeguard client data and drive data protection during this time? Guest Speaker: Porfirio Diaz, VP of Latin America Operations at TaskUs

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The annual Nexus conference has been rescheduled for a date to be determined in 2021. Nexus is the signature conference for the Nearshore services community. Launched in 2010, Nexus serves as the central gathering point for the global services community of Latin America and Caribbean. (Stay up to date on Nexus announcements and subscribe to the Nearshore Americas Weekly Newsletter)

Custom Events: Nearshore Americas produces specialized ‘custom events’ through both single-sponsor and multi-sponsor platforms. Lead generation events, VIP dinners, morning roundtables, and specialized market briefings are among our most popular programs. Reach Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy Maria Ramos to learn more about these dynamic, face-to-face marketing opportunities.