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“Live from Colombia” Webinar Explores Sitel’s MAXhub

Nearshore Americas is gearing up to host a new webinar on MAXhubs – a new breed of co-working facility armed with all modern amenities for BPO employees to excel in their work in the face of outsourcing’s post-pandemic reality.

Scheduled for April 6th, 2PM EDT/ 11AM PDT, the webinar will feature a live feed from the new Barranquilla MAXhub location, while shining a light on Sitel’s newly-built MAXhub in the Barranquilla, Colombia. Special guest speakers include Olivier Camino,  founder and global Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Mike Small, Sitel’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Americas.

In total, five Sitel executives will speak at the the webinar, offering their experts insight on how to build a MAXhub facility to enhance business operations in the new normal. MAXhubs were originally designed to meet the needs of the work-from-home model that has become so fundamental to the industry over the last year. With many predicting that the remote working model is here to stay, the traditional brick-and-mortar contact center – with its rows and rows of uniform cubicles – may soon be a place of the past.

MAXhubs, however, are designed for the future with a people-centric vision and hybrid working model in mind. With educational resources on site for both employed agents and the local communities, they are centres of learning that bring benefits to places where it is needed. But MAXhubs also offer physical well-being and communal elements. Most are equipped with a gym, cafeteria, and a library, where both remote-workers and on-site employees can socialize and learn from one another.

The traditional brick-and-mortar contact center – with its rows and rows of uniform cubicles – may soon be a place of the past

In other words, the MAXhub co-working facility is not limited to delivering services. It is a place for development, paying as much attention to training new-hired staff as it does managing remote agents.

The webinar will also delve into the business climate and talent pool in Barranquilla. A young upstart on the BPO market, Barranquilla has positioned itself as a strong alternative location for companies looking outside of the major Colombian markets of Bogota and Medellin. The city, located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, has the second-highest rate of English speakers in the country while also offering attractive tax incentives via its status as a Free Trade Zone.

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Sitel has been operating in Colombia for the past 23 years, with businesses in transportation, technology, financial services, and telecommunications, being its major clients.

The Sitel executives participating in the webinar are Olivier Camino, Eduardo Endo, Mario Parodi, Mike Small, and Javier Chia. Nearshore Americas Managing Director Kirk Laughlin will moderate the event.

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