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Nearshore Forum: A Look at the Post-Covid Recruitment Landscape in LatAm

Under the triple threat of higher capital expenses, the worsening of talent shortages and a looming economic downturn in the US, tech firms are getting more aggressive in their cost-cutting measures. This has turned Latin America into a preferred hunting ground for IT talent and provided staff augmentation firms in the region with juicer opportunities for business.

While the future looks bright for Latin American talent, staff augmentation firms and IT services exporters face the prospect of fiercer competition and a worsening of wage inflation.

Nearshore Americas spoke with Giuliana Corbo, CEO at Nearsure, a staff augmentation firm that provides IT talent sourced from over 10 Latin American countries. Nearsure launched operations a year before the pandemic exploded into the global scene, which means it experienced first hand the sudden changes brought by the crisis.

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During her chat with NSAM, Giuliana shared Nearsure’s experience as an IT team builder over the past four years, her perspective on how IT talent has changed over that period, wage inflation, the present and possible future of recruitment in the region and even the benefits of hiring senior talent.

You can watch the interview below:

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