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Nearshore Forum: Are the Colombia Protests Disrupting BPO? (Video)

President Iván Duque’s proposed tax hike triggered national protests in Colombia at the end of April this year. According to Human Rights Watch, over 60 people have now been killed during clashes between protestors and heavy-handed police and armed forces.

Colombia’s position within the Nearshore hierarchy has risen dramatically in recent years. But how have the  protests affected operations in the last few weeks and what will be the long-term consequences? Nearshore America talks to Sergio Guzmán, director of Colombia Risk Analysis, a firm providing commercial, security and political risk analysis across the Andean Region, to find out.

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Photo Credit: Oxi-Ap, Flickr

Peter Appleby

Peter is former Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. Hailing from Liverpool, UK, he is now based in Mexico City. He has several years’ experience covering the business and energy markets in Mexico and the greater Latin American region. If you’d like to share any tips or story ideas, please reach out to him here.

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