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Nearshore Forum: Ego, Strategy and the Future of Recruitment

Nearshore’s tech industry is, like the rest of the globe, undergoing a period of serious pressure. A lack of talent during a glut of demand is pushing companies to dives deeper into previously uncharted waters to dredge up professionals with the skills they need. Salaries are skyrocketing and recruiters are having a very hard time.

In such a fierce environment how does an entrepreneur run a successful startup that manages a global network of digital professionals?

Nearshore Americas chatted to Bernardo Carvalho Wertheim, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at The Bridge Social, to hear his insights about making a startup a success during challenging times. 

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Bernardo shares with us his views on the importance of Latin America in the tech industry’s search for talent, the benefits and dangers of an ego as a startup CEO, and the ways in which recruitment must grow if it is to meet the challenges of a booming IT industry.

The full interview can be see below:

Peter Appleby

Peter is former Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. Hailing from Liverpool, UK, he is now based in Mexico City. He has several years’ experience covering the business and energy markets in Mexico and the greater Latin American region. If you’d like to share any tips or story ideas, please reach out to him here.

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