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Nearshore Forum: The Bumpy Road To Green Software and ESG Compliance

The road to green software is no highway; it’s long, bumpy and easy to abandon. Nevertheless, those who champion sustainable business practices see it as a necessary path to take if private enterprise is truly committed to bring positive change, or at least to cause as little damage as possible through their operations.

In this Nearshore Forum, we spoke with Santiago Fontanarrosa, VP of Technology at Globant’s Sustainable Business Studio. One of Globant’s several inner branches, the studio provides technology-oriented solutions for organizations to achieve their climate goals, a task that grows relevant as sustainable business models and ESG compliance appeal to global investors more and more.

Fontanarrosa explained what green software entails; its goals and benefits. He also spoke openly about the challenges that businesses face in the implementation of these practices, as well as the difficulties that Globant has encountered when trying to lead its clients through the road to sustainability. 

You can watch the full interview below.

Cesar Cantu

Cesar is the Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. He's a journalist based in Mexico City, with experience covering foreign trade policy, agribusiness and the food industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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