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Nearshore Forum: What’s Next for the Latin Americas’ Office Real Estate Market? (VIDEO)

Is the news that the real estate market is in free fall hyperbole or should commercial landlords begin to fear for the future of their office blocks?

José Ignacio González, director of marketing and research at real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield AB Advisory, gives us his expert insights on what Latin America’s commercial real estate market has faced over the Covid-19 pandemic, how it has shaped buyer and landlord’s behaviours and for long long more the pandemic’s presence will be felt in real estate.

We know that employees have been working from home for the past 20 months, but now, offices are beginning to fill once again. In most countries occupancy caps remain in place. How is the future of remote working impacting how office owners are remodelling or rethinking their locations as they seek to attract employees back into the physical office space?

Peter Appleby

Peter is former Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. Hailing from Liverpool, UK, he is now based in Mexico City. He has several years’ experience covering the business and energy markets in Mexico and the greater Latin American region. If you’d like to share any tips or story ideas, please reach out to him here.

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