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Nexus Moves to San Francisco, Relentless Pursuit of Talent Is Key Focus

After a great five-year run in the New York City area, Nearshore Nexus is moving to San Francisco from May 11-12 for a two-day festival of hard-driving dialogue, networking, and revelation. This year’s even will show attendees what the nearshore can really offer to U.S. companies that are struggling with rising costs, hard-to-find talent, and a farshore-oriented IT and BPO sourcing model that, frankly, has run its course.
“We’re holding Nexus in the heart of San Francisco for many reasons,” said Kirk Laughlin, managing director of Nearshore Americas, which launched Nexus in 2011. “Perhaps the biggest is that the larger Silicon Valley community has yet to truly awaken to the enormous value of the nearshore partner proposition. We pride ourselves in being the anti-factory conference model ‚ go elsewhere if you’re looking for golf, cigars, and a generic resort experience. Nexus aims to be urban, hard-hitting, and richly diverse since the nearshore itself represents over 15 very viable outsourcing countries with their own unique talents and contributions.”


The proximity of Mexico’s thriving IT, animation, and customer care sector to California will be a major theme at Nexus. So too will be Argentina’s exciting re-emergence driven by the business-minded leadership of the new government in Buenos Aires. Carlos Pallotti, an undersecretary in Argentina’s science and technology ministry and former president of CESSI (Argentina’s Chamber of IT companies) will provide an exclusive view into the new agenda of Argentina. Of course, Brazil will once again play an important role at Nexus, partly because Brazil has made the Bay Area a key priority of its U.S. engagement efforts.
Other highlights include panels and discussion on the capacity of nearshore contact centers to meet new omni-channel requirements, the readiness of rising destinations of Cuba and Haiti, a view into the impact of automation on nearshore BPO, a special chalk-talk session led by two vendor management executives from Southwest Airlines and an exclusive CIO panel that will focus on core issues around talent, scalability, and user experience. Nexus will also feature the release of the first formal “State of the Nearshore” report, where Nearshore Americas’ Director of Research Sean Goforth will reveal the main forces shaping and redefining the southward movement of investment into ICT and outsourcing services.
During Nearshore Nexus Opening Night — on May 11 — a new documentary featuring a look into the Mexican locations Merida, Baja, and Aguasalientes will premiere. The documentary, “Mexico’s Rising States of Innovation,” looks to reveal the underlying strengths of these increasingly important hubs of tech development. Also during Opening Night, the first-ever “Nexus Illuminate” awards will be given out to celebrate the unprecedented achievements of a set of Nearshore professionals and locations.
Finally, Nexus maintains its long-standing tradition of being an invitation-only event. The process remains the same as it has from the beginning: IT, finance, BPO, and call center customers and enterprise buyers may attend Nexus on a complimentary basis. Vendors and sellers of services are able to attend Nexus only as sponsors. (Learn more about sponsorship by contacting us directly.)
Remember, leave your golf clubs at home, and instead bring a sweater (for those chilly nights) and a lot of business cards. We’ll be happy to see you.

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