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NEARSHORE NEXUS: Why It’s “Invitation Only”

As a young media organization, we’re obviously very proud to be staging our second annual Nearshore Nexus conference, coming up April 19 in New York City. There are lots of exciting features around the show (great speakers, sponsors, venue, and entertainment), but what I want to share here is why we’re making it “invitation only.”
Nearshore Nexus is specifically engineered to host an audience where more than 70% of attendees will be carefully reviewed outsourcing customers – people who call the shots and sign the deals for their corporations.

These outsourcing customers want to have meaningful dialogue with each other, which means it is vitally important to “stack the deck” attendance-wise to ensure they are highly likely to generate new peer relationships given the audience make-up. In most cases, these executives are trying to get beneath the surface of the Latin America IT/BPO opportunity – and want to extract real business knowledge on things like how to do business in certain countries and what countries to avoid, managing vendors, understanding technical capabilities, and getting a grip on how Nearshore compares to India, China, and other global outsourcing hubs. (The conference agenda is here.)

Fundamentally, these outsourcing customers are hungry for first-hand contact. They want a premium experience, and a place to get some answers.

In order to engineer the right audience blend, we specifically welcome buy-side attendees through our invitation-only process. If you are a buy-side customer and want to attend Nexus as our complimentary guest, we ask that you send us your name, title, and firm to: (Space is limited and based on first come, first serve processing.)

Far too many buyers dismiss Latin America as a sourcing alternative because of old stereotypes or just plain bad or incomplete information.

Another key element of our conference experience is to enable buyers to identify and engage with potential partners. A wide collection of commercial organizations have stepped up to support Nexus as sponsors. The participation of these suppliers will enable buyers to better grasp the rich opportunities and variety of regional choices – over 14 countries will be represented in our Expo Section– available through “Americas-Centric” outsourcing. (The other 30% of Nexus attendees will be comprised of sponsors, advisors/influencers, and press.)

We are bringing Nearshore Nexus to the heart of the commercial capital of North America because – let’s face it – our industry still has an image problem. Far too many buyers dismiss Latin America as a sourcing alternative because of old stereotypes or just plain bad or incomplete information. The 16 commercial organizations supporting Nexus deserve a lot of credit for shaping how buyers perceive this market by being visible leaders at what has to be considered the most influential Nearshore conference in North America.

The core mission of Nearshore Nexus (as well as the collection of media brands we now operate) is to generate high-value knowledge and connections for the outsourcing customer/investor. Many of you are aware of the fact that industry conferences – even in the perpetually hot outsourcing industry – do fail.  We obviously want to try to be smarter in the way we evolve our brands – and stick closely to what has been the cornerstone of our success from the start.

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Most of the time, my team-members and I are out there calling on more people to participate, to awaken and to respond to the powerful emergence of Latin America as a region that continues to rock the world of BPO. We still want to create that seismic reaction – but in the case of Nexus – for a very targeted crowd.

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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