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Nearshore Value Index 2023

Where BPO and IT Investments Generate the Best Returns

Why a Value Lens is So Important for Location Evaluation

Deciding where to invest in Latin America and the Caribbean is not an easy exercise, and in many ways, it shouldn’t be easy. Those who do their homework, who really dig to validate data points and separate fact from unproven claims, appropriately are in the best position to gain long-lasting rewards.

Selecting a new geo of course is only one part of a much larger strategic undertaking. Having the right management, building a savvy HR and talent strategy, understanding what things should really cost, and dealing with a wide range of issues, from labor codes to transportation, are all essential pieces to succeeding in new markets.

At Nearshore Americas, we have witnessed the great, the bad and the awful when it comes to opening new geos. Too often, leaders assume too much and ask too little. In the worst cases, we have found that expectations are wildly out of alignment with the realities on the ground.

Our newly developed “Nearshore Value Index” aims to plug the gaps in terms of spotlighting locations that deliver the best value at the best price. We invite you to look carefully at our index, and also review the methodology we used to arrive at final list of winning locations – broken down by top ten IT/ digital destinations and top ten CX/call center locations.

Top Ten IT/ Software Value Destinations for 2023

Top Ten BPO Value Destinations for 2023


The destinations showcased in the NVI were chosen from a larger pool of 41 candidates, which included cities, states and whole countries.

The value proposition of each destination was evaluated using criteria that go beyond cost. These criteria were divided into seven categories. Six of these categories (costs of labor, population size, proximity to the US, ease of doing business, English proficiency and investment environment) were the same across both top tens. The seventh differed, with the BPO list taking real estate prices into consideration, while the ITO list evaluated the availability and quality of tech universities.

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