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Nearshoring and Geopolitical Risk: A Strategic Analysis

In the realm of nearshoring and reshoring, understanding and mitigating geopolitical risks is of paramount importance. 

This article surveys the complexities of geopolitical risks and their implications for companies considering nearshoring or reshoring initiatives. We will explore the factors influencing geopolitical risk, assess the safety considerations for employees and assets, analyze energy-related challenges, highlight strategic business models, discuss government incentives and conclude with essential recommendations. 

Understanding Geopolitical Risks

  1. Factors Influencing Geopolitical Risks: Geopolitical risks are shaped by many factors, including political stability, regional conflicts, trade policies and regulatory environments. Thorough research and analysis are crucial to identify potential risks associated with a specific location. 
  1. Safety Considerations: Ensuring the safety of employees, executives and assets is a top priority. Assessing crime rates, local security infrastructure and law enforcement agencies stability is essential in effectively managing geopolitical risks. 

Evaluating Energy-Related Challenges

  1. Energy Security: Dependable and affordable energy supply is critical for sustained operations. Evaluating a country’s energy infrastructure, availability of diverse energy sources and resilience to potential disruptions is crucial when assessing geopolitical risks. 

Strategic Business Models

  1. Nearshoring: Nearshoring allows companies to establish operations closer to their home country, reducing geopolitical risks associated with operating in distant or politically unstable regions
  1. Reshoring: Reshoring involves bringing back manufacturing operations to the home country and mitigating geopolitical risks associated with dependence on foreign supply chains and unstable regions.

Government Support and Incentives

  1. Government Policies and Support: Assessing the political climate and government support for nearshoring and reshoring initiatives is vital. Governments that offer stable business environments, favorable regulations and incentives can mitigate geopolitical risks and encourage strategic investments. 
  1. Incentive Programs: Governments often provide incentives such as tax breaks, grants and support mechanisms to attract investment and promote economic development. Analyzing the availability and relevance of these programs can help businesses mitigate geopolitical risks. 

Mitigating Geopolitical Risks: Essential Recommendations 

  1. Comprehensive Risk Assessments: Conducting thorough risk assessments specific to each potential nearshoring or reshoring location is essential. These assessments should consider political stability, security, trade policies and regulatory frameworks. 
  2. Diversification of Operations: Spreading operations across multiple countries can reduce the concentration of geopolitical risks and provide flexibility in managing potential disruptions. 
  3. Collaborative Partnerships: Building partnerships with local entities, industry associations and governmental bodies can enhance understanding of geopolitical risks and create networks for effective risk management. 


In an ever-changing global landscape, geopolitical risks play a significant role in nearshoring and reshoring decisions. Companies must proactively assess and manage these risks to safeguard their employees, assets and business continuity. 

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By understanding the geopolitical landscape, evaluating safety considerations, analyzing energy-related challenges, adopting strategic business models, leveraging government support and implementing risk mitigation strategies, organizations can navigate the complexities of geopolitical risks and make informed nearshoring and reshoring decisions. 

Nelson Olavarrieta

Nelson Olavarrieta is Managing Director at Olavarrieta Consulting, a consulting firm which offers strategic guidance to companies on site selection, relocation, shelter and industrial real estate services for moving manufacturing operations into Mexico.

The firm is experienced in nearshoring and friendshoring strategies and is dedicated to assisting companies in achieving success in the global marketplace.

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