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NEC Announces New Latin America Strategy, Opens HQ in Sao Paulo

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NEC Corp. announced today the strengthening of its strategic operations by launching its new regional headquarters for Latin America. This decision is part of an overall strategy of regionalization, which covers five main geographic areas outside of Japan; Asia-Pacific, China, EMEA(Europe -Middle East-Africa), North America and Latin America.

“This initiative contains two main focuses. The first is to be closer to the market, facilitating decision-making according to the needs of each region. The second is to maximize synergies between Latin American countries through exchanging market experiences and information, increasing productivity and optimizing results,” said Toshiyuki Mineno, senior vice president responsible for international business, NEC Corporation.

NEC Latin America S.A., the new regional headquarters, is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Tadashi Ugajin, who served as vice president of international operations since 2009 and was the main architect of NEC’s regionalization, becomes CEO. Moreover, Carlos Martinangeli, current CEO of NEC Argentina, becomes COO and SVP of NEC Latin America while maintaining his position with NEC Argentina. “We selected Brazil to host our regional headquarters as it represents the region’s largest market and it is an emerging global power,” said Mineno. On their part, the national operations in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile will continue under the direction of their current leaders.

“NEC will increase the intensity of its interactions within Latin America and improve the quality of regional services. This will be accomplished through mutual exchanges that follow our successful model in other locations where this regionalization strategy was implemented,” continued Mineno.

Latin America is forecasted to go through a phase of strong infrastructure investment where embedded electronics become increasingly important. Mobility, broadband, energy and sustainability are the most critical concepts.

NEC’s primary business focuses in Latin America will include: advanced technologies and new business models in cloud computing, technology and solutions for stadiums and arenas, projects for urban mobility, integrated security, traceability; ICT infrastructure for businesses, governments and carriers, especially in OSS applications and Femtocell; LTE; applications and solutions for Digital TV; smart energy concepts and others.

“NEC, through its technologies based on these models, will make important contributions to these large scale projects through local development, customization and support that is close to the customer and their unique needs,” said Tadashi Ugajin.

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“NEC Latin America will contribute to both the Telecommunications and Information Technology in Latin America, as well as the social development of the region. We anticipate meeting the highest demands of the Latin American market and to being a partner in projects for enterprises, government and society alike. The World Cup and the Olympic Games will place Brazil in the global spotlight and deliver a wide range of benefits to the country. NEC aims to work tirelessly to contribute to such pivotal events in the Latin American market,” concluded Ugajin.


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