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Neoris Wants SAP Experts in Brazil

Source: Sourcing Brazil

One type of IT professional in heavy demand in Brazil these days is the one with SAP experience. That demand heated up this week when IT consultancy Neoris announced that it has 60 vacancies in Brazil right now, and specified that “for most of them, it is necessary that the candidate has experience with the SAP platform.”

The new job postings include SAP senior consultant, SAP project manager, SAP workflow analyst, and SAP BI expert. The company said it is also looking for people with Oracle and .NET skills.

Neoris said applicants must be graduates of “colleges linked to technology,” and for some positions must be fluent in English.

The company, ranked one of the largest IT consultancies in Latin America, says it is hiring to keep up with “accelerated growth” in Brazil.

This call for SAP professionals matches what Maria Paula Menezes, manager of the IT division at the Robert Half HR firm, told Sourcing Brazil recently: Demand is heavy for SAP experts because so many companies are integrating different divisions into their core operations. Consequently, salaries for those people are going up.

Most of the new Neoris job openings are in states in the southeastern part of the country: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas Gerais.

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In May, Neoris became the first SAP Global Services Partner in Latin America. “Achieving global partnership positions ourselves to get access to more state-of-the-art solutions that SAP is bringing to the marketplace,” CEO Claudio Muruzabal told Nearshore Americas.



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