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Newly Released Documentary Looks at Mexico's Rising States of Innovation

A new half-hour documentary looking at the technology world in Mexico premiered last week at the Nexus 2016 conference in San Francisco. Called “Mexico’s Rising States of Innovation,” this Nearshore Americas’ production looks into the emerging scene in Mérida, Aguascalientes, and Baja California.
“The documentary platform provides a really powerful way to tell the story and deliver to our audience a realistic understanding of what’s happening on the ground, inside these creative studios,” said Kirk Laughlin, managing director at Nearshore Americas.
The film is a follow-up presentation of a 2015 documentary, “Mexico’s States of Innovation,” that looked into the entrepreneurism and technology development going on at firms like Kueski in the major hubs of Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Querétaro. As with the original, this roving work profiles various tech, IT, BPO, and startup companies in the region to get a vision of how real-world professionals and innovators are helping push forward the tech scene in Mexico.
“Mexico’s Rising States of Innovation” features interviews with executives at companies including Teleperformance, Dextra Technologies, Boxel Technologies, Sonata Services, Animactiva — and many others. With exclusive footage and unique insights, each offers a first-hand perspective on how technology is transforming the way Mexicans live and work in Mérida, Aguascalientes, and Baja California.
The documentary can be watched in full here.

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