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Next Coast Brokerage Launches to Connect Nearshore M&A Buyers and Sellers

The Nearshore services market has long been a rewarding area of investment, showing remarkably consistent growth for the last decade. Demand for outsourced partners to assist medium to large US organizations continues to steadily increase, leading to a noticeable rise in M&A activity in numerous Nearshore markets.

In this context, Nearshore Americas – a division of Next Coast Media – is excited to announce the launch of Next Coast Brokerage, an M&A brokerage service aimed at facilitating the sale and purchase of companies in this active marketplace.

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“More and more corporations are waking up to the true value of companies in the Latin America and Caribbean region.” – Spencer Ewald, VP of M&A Consulting at Next Coast Brokerage.

Leading the charge at Next Coast Brokerage is Spencer Ewald, a behind-the-scenes adviser and supporter of Next Coast Media and Nearshore Americas since its launch almost ten years ago.

“Change is hitting the market, and companies are realizing the true value of companies in the Latin America and Caribbean region,” said Spencer.

“Buyers and sellers regularly come to Next Coast Media for advice on the Nearshore market – people in this sector trust us; they read our content on Nearshore Americas, and they come to our Nexus and Sourcing Decisions events to learn more. As a well-respected brand, we have wanted to help facilitate new M&A transactions for some time, so Next Coast Brokerage is really a natural extension of what we’ve been doing for the last 10 years.”

Brokerage Services

On the acquisition side, Next Coast Brokerage works with BPO/IT organizations, fund managers, private equity groups, and other investors to provide strategic consulting and insights into the business conditions of any given market, helping buyers to define the most ideal acquisition targets in the region.

With a combination of research and in-person meetings with target organizations, buyers can expect to gain a comprehensive scope on a company’s existing capabilities, current customers, and operating locations, providing the knowledge that is necessary to find the best possible acquisitions.

On the seller side, the focus is on determining the best ways to capitalize on the organization’s unique assets and achievements, guiding business owners, boards of directors, and entrepreneurs through the process of engaging with well-vetted buyer organizations.

Transitioning the business to new ownership is a way for services companies to realize a well-deserved financial windfall. Therefore, many sellers are seeking a strategic view of their competitive positioning versus other Nearshore providers, as they work toward a fair-market valuation.

Next Coast Brokerage is also there to consult with companies that are looking at expanding or buying certain skills sets, and companies that are looking to find capital to upgrade their technological capabilities.

“For instance, buyers may need a Spanish-language team, a cheaper team, a greater opportunity to scale, or lower attrition and turnover rates – all of this can be found in the Nearshore market right now,” said Spencer. “Sellers are seeing a massive technological shift in the marketplace. They are looking to partner with investors to gain some capital injection that helps them address these technologies. Either way, Next Coast Brokerage has the resources to help them.”

Spencer’s Background

Boasting a deep entrepreneurial background, Spencer spent 15 years in entrepreneurial management roles at Cowles Business Media, Pyrotech Research, C.L. Glazer & Company, and Medical Recertification Associates (MRA), before serving as the CEO of Inbox Health, a SaaS software company in the medical payment space. It was here that he successfully completed the angel and seed round financing of over a US$2.5M and was responsible for the P&L and day-to-day operations.

Prior to Inbox Health, he was the Co-Founder and President of Nxtbook Media, LLC (NBM) a pioneering software developer for many digital magazines and catalogs that are commonly found on mobile devices today. Spencer organically grew NBM to reach US$7 million in sales, making the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing small companies in America.

Before NBM, Ewald was the Senior Vice President of the business technology magazines division at Freedom Communications, where he directed sales and held margin responsibility over numerous magazines, websites, and trade show assets, along with sitting on the executive committee.

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“Spencer’s knowledge of working with private equity and venture groups and his unique familiarity with the Nearshore sector makes him a great choice for this role.” – Kirk Laughlin, Founder of Next Coast Media.

“Spencer’s background as an entrepreneur, his strength in evaluating balance sheets, his knowledge of working with private equity and venture groups and his unique familiarity with the Nearshore sector, makes him a great choice for this role,” says Kirk Laughlin, Founder of Next Coast Media.

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Along with his experience in acquiring companies, raising capital, and running businesses, Spencer has, for the last ten years, been actively involved with Next Coast Media’s network of Nearshore connections, gaining unique insight into what is driving M&As in this market.

“It has gotten to the point where a lot of corporations that are outsourcing to India or Asia have discovered that the American Nearshore has much more to offer in terms of benefits,” said Spencer. “They are seeing a reduction in operating costs, improved capabilities in English language and technical skills, accelerated time to market, and increased performance, among many other pros. As more and more people begin waking up to this marketplace, Next Coast Brokerage is there to guide companies into a sale or purchase that fits their needs and their value.”

To learn more about the service that Next Coast Brokerage offers, visit the website. You can also contact Spencer directly at

Matt Kendall

During his 2+ years as Chief Editor at Nearshore Americas, Matt Kendall operated at the heart of both the Nearshore BPO and IT services industries, reporting on the most impactful stories and trends in the sector.

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