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Nexus 2023: Central America Gets Newfound Respect, Will More Investment Follow?

Central America is making taller and taller waves in the global business stage.

Historically passed over in favor of more popular regions, Central America has been garnering more credibility as a source for high quality service delivery, sophisticated tech talent and product innovation.

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At Nexus 2023, NSAM had the pleasure of hosting a panel of service providers and legal experts from the region. Sibú Digital CCO Nora Zamora; Dentons Chairman for Central America José Antonio Muñoz; and Novatech Co-Founder Mario Siman assessed the region’s untapped potential, discussed latest developments that could favor its ascent in the global business stage and made a case for why this is only the beginning for Central America.

Cesar Cantu

Cesar is the Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. He's a journalist based in Mexico City, with experience covering foreign trade policy, agribusiness and the food industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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