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Nexus Illuminate Awards 2017

Winners of 2017 Nexus Illuminate Awards.


Held in Mountain View, California, the second annual Nexus Illuminate Awards brought together some of the most influential industry leaders of the year, in celebration of their outstanding achievements in raising quality and performance in the Nearshore IT & BPO marketplace. These six winners were nominated by members of our loyal audience, with the final decision going to the judges at Nearshore Americas. Our deepest congratulations to you all!


Originating from Uruguay, UruIT has been developing web and mobile apps since 2007, building a team of highly-trained, English-fluent developers and experienced agile experts.

Accepting the award was Marcelo Lopez and Marcelo Martinez, two young software professionals with computer science degrees, the former of which co-founded the company, which is now recognized as one of the world’s best mobile app developers.

“Nearshore represents an untapped opportunity for US companies,” said Mareclo Lopez when accepting the award. “It is not just about the time zone anymore, but also about the talent, which I invite you all to learn more about as companies like us continue growing the industry.”

Argentina call center

Buenos Aires 

Known as the Paris of the south, Buenos Aires has seen remarkable growth in the nearshore industry, especially when considering the economic conditions in Argentina.

The city is attractive and unique for business, with strong IT and design capabilities. Alongside that, Buenos Aires is also a nice place to live and visit, and is an international hub in South America with a similar time zones to the US.

Santiago Bibiloni, Co-founder and CEO of COR & Balloon Group, accepted the award for the city. Santiago lives in Silicon Valley, where he was named “Argentinian ambassador” by the Buenos Aires City Government.



Unsatisfied with the level of customer service in Colombia, Ricardo Duran created the very first call center in Bogota, getting his first client (HP) in 1994, followed six months later with Microsoft.

His company, Outsourcing S.A., is now Colombia’s largest supplier of services and solutions for the contact center and BPO industry, and places a deep focus on First Contact Resolution. Today, his company has 1,800 workstations operating in six locations and over 1,700 employees.



For the last ten years, Rajeev Gupta has achieved a tremendous amount of success with Tata Consultancy Services, building the Indian IT giant’s Latin American presence from the ground up.

Starting with only a few people in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2007, Rajeev has led TCS’s expansion over eight countries, and now employs more than 15,000 consultants in the region.

Today, Rajeev still sees masses of opportunity in the region as he builds the company’s capabilities to serve industries that are increasingly going digital.

Miguel Matey - Atento 7


Originally hailing from Madrid, Spain, Miguel Matey’s career with Atento has taken him from his homeland to Mexico, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Morocco, France, and back to Mexico again.

He first came to Mexico in 2003 and is now the general manager of Atento Mexico and regional director for company’s operations in the Americas.

His work with Atento has helped Miguel to satiate his travel bug, which he also shares his wife as they continue to explore Mexico together, making him a true Nearshore voyager.

vanesa gibson


Since 1998, Vanessa Gibson has been an integral part of the work going on at Cinde, starting out as a researcher, before becoming service sector manager, and now as director of the agency’s Corporate Development and Investment Climate, which she has been leading for the last nine and a half years.

Vanessa has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s in project and programs evaluation from the University of Costa Rica, the latter of which she attained while working as service sector manager, showing true dedication to her career.

Vanessa is a naturally skilled team leader and business strategist, with deep knowledge of the services sector in both Costa Rica and the Americas region.