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Nexus Keynote: Fresh Vision and a Dynamic Entrepreneurial Spirit

Guyana-born innovator and tech entrepreneur, Richie Etwaru, will serve as keynote speaker at Nexus 2023, taking place June 14-15th, just outside New York City.

A self-described “humble technology enthusiast”, Richie Etwaru has made groundbreaking contributions to the fields of Immersive AI, healthcare, privacy and digital transformation. Early in his career, he helped build the technological strategies and architectures of top financial institutions such as Wells Fargo, Barclays and UBS. He was also Chief Digital Officer at healthcare analytics firm IQVIA.

As Co-Founder of Mobeus, Richie is spearheading the development of Immersive AI, a tech solution that promises to change the ways in which people interact not only with technology, but with each other remotely. 

“We’re humbled by the comparisons people often make between our work and the movie Minority Report or the character Iron Man,” he told NSAM.  “We hope, however, that the real-world applications of spatial computing will eventually surpass their cinematic representations. Even after three years of dedication, we feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface.”

Richie is also a tenacious advocate for data privacy, a subject he has spoken extensively about. He’s currently Chairman of the Board at, a tech company which develops software solutions that enable users to own and safeguard their personal data.

Hailing from Guyana, Richie Etwaru’s story serves as testament of the wealth of disruptive talent which can be found in the Caribbean. 

In Richie’s view, the Caribbean has everything to succeed in an explosive manner. Yet, it can only do so by pooling the resources of each individual country.

“With the imminent surge in trade over the next fifty years, Guyana and the Caribbean hold the potential to flourish on a scale 10 times greater than Singapore, given that the Caribbean has ten times the population. However, our collective voice remains fragmented,” Richie commented.

“To truly harness value, not just create it, and to ensure the retention and reinvestment of capital within the region, unity is paramount. We must aspire to be united as the United States or the European Union are,” he added.

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Richie Etwaru will open Nexus 2023’s conference cycle, set to take place on June 15th. The previous keynoter (Guyana’s  Finance Minister, Ashni Singh) is unable to attend to Nexus due to commitments in Guyana. 

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