Nearshore Americas

After a two-year absence, Nexus came back to address the state of the Nearshore industry in a new, though still volatile landscape. The changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the acceleration of tech transformation and innovation, a crisis of talent supply in IT, high inflation and the possibility of a sharp economic downturn in the US made a gathering of industry experts not only useful, but a priority.

This year’s Nexus conference brought together a wide and diverse group of clients, providers, analysts, investors and government officials in search of contact with each other and of a chance to speak frankly about the state of the Nearshore at present, as well as their hopes and concerns for the future.

Recorded during Nexus 2022, this collection of exclusive videos showcases some expert opinions from vendors, clients and analysts in the industry, who share their thoughts on topics such as tech innovation, talent recruitment, AI applied to CX, risk management in Latin America and why the Nearshore remains attractive even as the sky darkens for the global economy.


Issam Gharios, VP of Software at Highres Biosolutions, on the evolution of Nearshore partners.

Rajeev Gupta, Nearshore LatAm Head & Mexico Country Head at TCS, on the path to digital transformation

Anthony Porter, tech analyst and economist, on risk and opportunity in the Nearshore

Ashish Patel, Founder & CEO at Simpat Tech, on dealing with the IT talent crunch

Felipe Brito, Partner at CI&T, on risk management in Latin America

Peter Ryan, President and Principal Analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory, on attracting Nearshore investment

Yoni Epstein, Founding Chairman & CEO at itel, on AI and the future of CX


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