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Novatech Acquires US Managed IT Services Provider Dynasis

US managed IT services firm Novatech has acquired its domestic rival Dynasis Technologies, saying it wants to build a comprehensive portfolio of offerings because businesses are increasingly seeking a single provider capable of supporting their entire IT environment.

Alpharetta, GA-based Dynasis is said to have an impressive portfolio of solutions in cybersecurity and cloud.

“With the rapidly changing IT landscape, businesses are increasingly seeking a single provider to support their entire IT environment,” said Novatech CEO Darren Metz. The acquisition of Dynasis, Metz added, will help the company’s customers “focus on their business not their IT challenges”.

This is Novatech’s second acquisition this year, and the 14th since its founding 20 years ago.

Upon the completion of the transaction, Dynasis will be folded into Novatech, and its founder Dave Moorman will take charge as president of Novatech’s managed IT services unit.

Novatech was founded in 1998 as NovaCopy to sell copiers and office technology solutions. In April 2018, it was re-branded as Novatech. Considering its own statement, it makes around US$95 million in annual revenue. Novatech is now planning to become a technology consultant, helping businesses design their IT strategy.

Headquartered in Nashville, Novatech has 14 branches throughout the southern United States.

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“With their knowledge and experience in the managed print industry and our 26 years of Managed IT Service solutions, it was perfect,” said Chas Arnold, Dynasis executive vice president. Arnold will join Novatech as vice president of managed IT services.

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