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Obama Changes His Tune on India Outsourcing

Source: SourcingFocus

US President Barack Obama, who has been openly critical of offshoring to India, seems to have changed his tune during his state visit to the country.

What seems to have changed his mind is the signing of some major trade deals, worth about $15 billion, as an “important step in elevating India to one of the US’ top trade partners. The US president said that the deals with India will create 50,000 jobs back home. The purchase of US Cargo planes by India alone will create 22,000 jobs in America, he added.

Obama said both the US and India were “operating on stereotypes that have outlived their usefulness”, adding “Whenever I’m asked about Indians taking away our jobs, I want to say, you know what? They’ve just created 50,000 jobs.

“US companies are creating jobs with tech in US and Indian businesses will take those technologies to expand growth and jobs in India and US,” said Obama. “We agreed to keep working to reduce trade barriers and protectionism.”

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“As far as India is concerned, India is not in the business of stealing jobs from the US,” said Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. “The outsourcing industry, I believe, has helped to improve the productive capacity and productivity of American industries.”

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