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Latin Americans Love Shopping Online

Online shopping is surging in Latin America, with a new Business Insider report projecting annual growth of 17% in the the region through 2019. A lot of major players are jumping on the trend. Walmart has redesigned its website and doubled its number of delivery centers to serve the Brazilian e-commerce market, which is still by far the largest in the region despite the nation’s recession. Amazon is betting on Mexico. While the country currently ranks second in Latin America, its potential is even more enticing. By 2018, there may be upwards of $11 billion in sales. Naturally, few can move as quickly into the space as these two giants, but Business Insider has advice for all companies looking to enter a region that is currently facing hardship but has a bright future. “Those retailers that build out their e-commerce operations now will be in the best position to grab market share when the economy rebounds.”

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