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Oracle Ready to Compete on Cloud

While Amazon, Microsoft, and Google raced out in front of the cloud race in recent years, many wondered why Oracle was asleep at the wheel. This was a fair criticism, wrote Gary Barnett of Ovum, just days after Oracle’s “CloudWorld” event in New York. But it probably isn’t correct anymore — Larry Ellison’s company has caught up. “Although there were relatively few surprises at this year’s CloudWorld event, it was evident that Oracle had largely delivered on the promises that it made over the past two years,” wrote Barnett. “Most importantly, Oracle got the timing just right; just as the mainstream of the market (which accounts for the lion’s share of revenues) is ready to adopt cloud-based services, Oracle is ready to provide them.” Slow and steady might not win the race, but it sounds like Oracle is at least in the running now.

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Jared Wade

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