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Outsourcing Provides Competitive Edge for Consorcio ARA

The Nearshore industry relies on successful collaborations between outsourcing service providers and their partners, and those partners can span myriad industries.
Mexican Consorcio ARA specializes in the design, construction, promotion and commercialization of Mexican housing developments, and relies on outsourcing for its competitive edge.
In an interview with Nearshore Americas, the company’s business development director, Martin Guevara Hernandez (pictured), explained that subcontracting to outsourcing services has allowed his unit to generate a critical mass of knowledge.
“Outsourcing is intrinsic to operating a business,” Guevara said. “You just have to make good long-term negotiations, making it clear that the relationship will greatly benefit both parties.”
Click here to read the full interview with Martin Guevara Hernandez.

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Matt Kendall

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