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São Paulo Gets Ready to Host Brasscom Global IT Forum

Brazil’s IT industry agency, Brasscom, has started preparation to hold the third edition of the Brasscom Global IT Forum, on October 4, at the Unique Hotel, São Paulo.

The event is being held in partnership with The Economist, Britain’s financial weekly, and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

The Forum is expected to generate a high-visibility platform for experts around the world to discuss the use of Brazil’s well-developed Information Technology (IT) industry to driver of economic and social development.

Global and local business experts will meet with government leaders and market analysts to evaluate the outlook for the Brazilian IT sector, its key role in the country’s development strategy, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the country to become one of the world’s leading technology hubs.

Already confirmed as attending are: Mauricio Borges, President of Apex-Brazil; Virgílio Almeida, Secretary of Information Technology Policy at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI); Alexandre Baule, CIO at Embraer; Mauricio Minas, Managing Director of Bradesco, and Luis Antonio Rodrigues, Technology & Banking Automation Director at the Brazilian Banking Federation (FEBRABAN). Among the international names are Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Editorial Editor, Nearshore Americas, Lourdes Casanova from INSEAD, Vishal Ahluwalia, Executive Director at UBS, and Justine Thody, Editorial Director Americas at The Economist Intelligence Unit, who will present a comparative study, commissioned by Brasscom, on productivity and innovation in Brazil, the OECD and BRICS countries, and Latin America.

“Brazil’s IT market is now the seventh-largest in the world, with sophisticated solutions in various sectors of the economy, such as financial services, e-government, agriculture, and oil and gas. We want to encourage the development of technological solutions in various other areas, such as healthcare, education, security, transparency and government efficiency, contributing to social and economic development, competitiveness and productivity in the Brazilian economy,” said Antonio Gil, President of Brasscom.

At the forum, case studies on solutions developed in Brazil will be presented by the companies like BRQ, Ci&T, and Stefanini. The event is part of the project to promote IT exports and investments.

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“This is a strategic sector for our exports, which adds value to various production chains, increasing the competitiveness of Brazilian products and services, besides strengthening Brazil’s image abroad as a country that produces advanced and innovative technology, able to provide quality solutions to various markets,” says the president of Apex-Brasil, Mauricio Borges.

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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