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ManpowerGroup Reports Rise in Job Creation Across LATAM

Employers are on a hiring binge in about ten countries across the Americas, according to an annual survey by HR research firm ManpowerGroup. More than one in four companies in Costa Rica expected to add thousands people to their payrolls  over the next three months, while employers in Mexico are already out hunting for talent thanks to energy reforms and growing mineral exports, the survey found.

Colombian employers are among the most optimistic in the 42 countries where the survey was conducted. One out of every four employers in  Colombia foresees an increase in payroll, while only 6% talk of cutbacks.

One of the weakest performers is Latin America’s biggest economy Brazil, which is forecast to generate fewer jobs, despite preparing to host major global sports events such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Brazilian employers have reported the weakest hiring intentions since the survey began there in Q4 2009.

“Hiring looks set to pick up in Mexico, especially in the mining and extraction sector. Employers here anticipate changes in the government’s energy policies will expand opportunities for oil and gas companies and boost both domestic and foreign investment,” said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup President.

Meanwhile, for the third consecutive quarter, employers in Argentina report the most pessimistic outlook. Unstable currency and rising inflation seem to have dampened the mood of businesses in Argentina, dissuading them from taking on more staff.

Overall, the employment outlook is strong for the whole Americas region for the coming quarter. Hiring plans have improved by 3% in the Caribbean and 2% in the Amazon, but weakened by 8% in Orinoquía and 3% in the Andes.

Topping the list of optimistic employers in the region are Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. Of 624 employers surveyed in Costa Rica, 26% said they are planning to increase their workforce.

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Hiring confidence among Costa Rican employers has risen for the third consecutive quarter, ManPower said. Employers anticipate payroll growth across the Central American country. The strongest hiring prospects are reported in Puntarenas and Limon.

In Peru, a long line of real estate projects is responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs in the capital Lima.  Hiring plans remain positive in nine industry sectors including finance, insurance fishing and agriculture, the report noted.

Narayan Ammachchi

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