Nearshore Americas

Research Overview

Nearshore Americas Research provides independent research on IT, digital business and contact center outsourcing trends in Latin America and the Caribbean. We gather raw data and we analyze it for actionable insights. This helps us resolve discrepancies between macro indicators and on-the-ground realities. As a result, our insights ensure that you have a complete understanding of how your business will change based on its operations in Latin America.

What makes us unique?

Nearshore is our exclusive focus.
Many global research firms and consultancies orient their focus around the region’s largest markets, Brazil and Mexico, and expend little energy on the rest of the region. We cover every market in Latin America and the Caribbean, period.
We meld the macro with the micro.
Macroeconomic and industry trends provide a useful backdrop for our analysis, but we go further to show how exactly a market marches to its own beat.
Focus on the long-run determinants of business success.
Our analytical approach has at its heart a focus on workforce dynamics, infrastructure, and vertical-specific strengths. This allows us to know, for example, when a market is ripe for further investment or when it may be reaching a point of saturation.
We’re always engaged and our inquiries are ongoing.
Global financial institutions monitor trends and then publish inflation numbers for the previous year. But given how fast technological change is affecting many business operations, data can become stale fast. We are always monitoring core trends and, thanks in part to our deep contacts in the nearshore BPO/ITO space, we pick up on emerging trends early. This allows us to explore leads and produce data that is fresh, specific, and actionable.
Our charts and graphics are clear and to the point.
We don’t bedazzle readers with an arbitrary palette of colors, arrows going everywhere, and “rankings” that are really subjective judgments dressed up as analysis. We prefer not to muddle the insight.

The Nearshore Americas leadership team has been working in the ‘nearshore’ since its inception, and we draw on a deep set of contacts throughout the industry. We know what information business decision makers need. Our reports provide a high level of value to any individual of firm that is interested in using independent, data-driven research in order to aid investment decisions.

Our Research