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Villa Nueva: A Key Part of Guatemala’s BPO Ecosystem

Guatemala is accessible by air to major US cities in only a few hours, has a competitive workforce, and a robust telecommunications infrastructure, making the country ideal to support a growing, and dynamic, CC/BPO sector. Learn why Villa Nueva Business Park in Guatemala is an excellent choice for global BPO providers.

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Cognitive Computing: Machine Learning Finally Comes of Age

This white paper, produced by Nearshore Delivery Solutions in collaboration with Nearshore Americas, provides an in-depth look at the achievable business value that cognitive computing can produce today.

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Saint Lucia: Readiness and Positioning in the Global Knowledge Services Marketplace

This Nearshore Americas analysis, written in collaboration with Invest Saint Lucia, outlines the knowledge-focused opportunity in Saint Lucia.

Making The Most of Mexico’s Digital Opportunity

Created in collaboration with Mexico IT, this white paper covers the status of Mexico’s digital opportunities, the country’s availability of digital talent, and the educational shifts that must occur in order to develop its digital capabilities.

Strategic Ventures in IT: How to Build and Sustain Powerful IT Partnerships

For a business to get the most out of its information technology, it must often look to third parties to build the right solutions. These kinds of partnerships can take many forms, but increasingly organizations are looking to partners that can add… Read More »

Growing South: The Diffusion of U.S. Tech Innovation and Mexico’s Emergence as a Startup Hub

North America’s center of technological innovation is moving south. Two generations ago, most hi-tech firms were based around Boston, but over time they’ve spread out to places like Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, California’s Silicon Valley, and Austin, Texas.… Read More »