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Utilizing AI When Hiring Bilingual Agents

Language assessments should not be subjective, but sometimes they are. If there are multiple people engaged in a hiring process, human bias can distort decision-making. The result is that a contact center might place bilingual agents in environments that are well beyond their abilities. Poor outcomes often result when agents believe they lack the skills to meet expectations.

Competition inside the global CX services industry is reaching a new level of intensity. Savvy CX partners understand that applying smart AI tools to the recruitment process can make a major difference compared to rivals who remain in the slow lane. Which lane do you and your team want to be in? Take the learnings in this report and put them to work!


The Fintech Crisis Introduces a Crucial Role for Jamaica 

Fintech organizations – at a macro level – have made crucial errors by under-utilizing all customer service channels and also by assuming their often young, digitally savvy customer base will settle for the same level of service with financial services as they do with other industries. The lack of attention to these matters has created an urgent need a more strategic approach – built around a Nearshore partner mindset. As this tension increases, Jamaica is continuing to diversify its strengths as a digitally-advanced Nearshore partner. Learn more: Download the white paper.


Amid Market Transformations, It Is Time to Consider Jamaica For Software Outsourcing

This White Paper is intended to aid business owners and IT managers who want more value from outsourced services in this new business context. While the pandemic changed the expectations that companies have of their outsourcing providers, decision makers also face the need to rapidly integrate new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). These trends have impacted the geography of technological services, as many companies look for added value in new emerging markets with the digital capabilities and the qualified workforce to support their needs.


Build Operate Transfer 2.0: Mexico’s Value Proposition

While the post-Covid era will bring about much change, it will also signal the emergence of more opportunities for businesses to leverage the possibilities of the nearshore and of remote work. As the skills shortage continues to challenge the United States IT industry, those looking to build skilled, resilient and reliable engineering teams to meet the demands of customers will need to consider models such as the BOT 2.0 model, which can help them tap into the growing and diverse range of talent available in Mexico.


The Digital Transformation of Nearshore CX

Gain valuable knowledge on ways to use technology to optimize interactions across each channel in omnichannel delivery. Specific advice is given on where organizations should invest or reduce expenditure, in order to drive efficiency, improve CX services and ultimately gain better traction with customers.

Villa Nueva: A Key Part of Guatemala’s BPO Ecosystem

Guatemala is accessible by air to major US cities in only a few hours, has a competitive workforce, and a robust telecommunications infrastructure, making the country ideal to support a growing, and dynamic, CC/BPO sector. Learn why Villa Nueva Business Park in Guatemala is an excellent choice for global BPO providers.

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Cognitive Computing: Machine Learning Finally Comes of Age

This white paper, produced by Nearshore Delivery Solutions in collaboration with Nearshore Americas, provides an in-depth look at the achievable business value that cognitive computing can produce today.

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Saint Lucia: Readiness and Positioning in the Global Knowledge Services Marketplace

This Nearshore Americas analysis, written in collaboration with Invest Saint Lucia, outlines the knowledge-focused opportunity in Saint Lucia.

Making The Most of Mexico’s Digital Opportunity

Created in collaboration with Mexico IT, this white paper covers the status of Mexico’s digital opportunities, the country’s availability of digital talent, and the educational shifts that must occur in order to develop its digital capabilities.

Strategic Ventures in IT: How to Build and Sustain Powerful IT Partnerships

For a business to get the most out of its information technology, it must often look to third parties to build the right solutions. These kinds of partnerships can take many forms, but increasingly organizations are looking to partners that can add… Read More »

Growing South: The Diffusion of U.S. Tech Innovation and Mexico’s Emergence as a Startup Hub

North America’s center of technological innovation is moving south. Two generations ago, most hi-tech firms were based around Boston, but over time they’ve spread out to places like Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, California’s Silicon Valley, and Austin, Texas.… Read More »