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Riverwood Capital to Invest Millions in New Colombian Data Center

Source: La Republica

The business group, through its subsidiary Synapsis, announced the construction of a Data Center in the country as part of its initiative to expand the company in Latin America.  The project will have an estimated investment of $7 million US Dollars.

Regional General Manager of Synapsis, Leonardo Covalschi, was in charge of announcing the realization of this project which promises to be the most modern one in the city, one that will also permit the country to expand its available infrastructure, key to the technological development in Colombia.

The main factors that influenced the construction of this Data Center in Colombia were related to the country’s competitiveness, as well as its political and economic stability, “the growth in technology that Colombia has achieved in recent years is well above the regional average, and that is very important for investment in the country,” said Robin Barquin, Manager of Synapsis Colombia.

The project’s construction is expected to increase the operational capacity of Synapsis, in order to offer more competitive prices, expand its market position, build trust and confidence with its customers and it will be a great support in generating greater participation in future businesses. As Barquin noted, “We will have an immediate impact on how we can reach our customers with better and faster services. In the short-term, this investment will result in us becoming more competitive.”

The manager of Synapsis Colombia indicated that the size envisioned by the company for the construction, “will consist of 1,500 square meters at the first stage, and that should be completed in 11 months. We hope that our new Data Center will be operational by October 2012,” he concluded.

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Riverwood Capital is fulfilling the promise it made to invest several million dollars into Synapsis when it acquired the company.

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